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Rio - Warriors all stars
I was experimenting with different lighting methods and colors and surfaces and backgrounds... but when I removed all fancy textures and saw the image that you see right now, it looked somehow complete, just added some very simple textures to the cube and bloth planes and here you are. I had to fix all those dead pixels on her, but left them on the other items, so... anyway, I hope you like it :D
Mai Shiranui - Close up
Hope this doesn't remind you of a pop star in the late 90's early 00's LOL The original idea was to use a blonde... but the model was hard to work with so a stunning brunette ended up in the role, but honestly, hope you like it :)
Peach - Wooden background
Happy 2018 to everybody! Hope you had enjoy these holidays.

And she's finally back! I would like to thank Dabnis-Sinbad so very , very much for pointing me to proper fix of this model's eye and bracelet, so you guys will be seeing a lot more of this model. That's a great start for 2018 lol. Hope you like it!
It's been a very interesting year, happy 2018! Read you next year!
Rosalina - Burning sun
Well, living in a tropical country, Xmas does not mean snow, cold and gingerbread, it means beach, nice weather and traditional food, so thinking about it, here I present you Rosalina in Isle Delfino! LOL hope you like it
juliet starling - City sunset
I don't want to call it a remake considering all the major changes, but that's basically what it is, an "extended" version of this pinup I made back in the day when I was just starting with blender

(Sorry I deleted the old version)

When I look back into some of my old renders, they really look hideous xD so... I might delete some of them in the near future :)

Anyway, hope you like it! And happy holidays!
Sinda and Trudith Paradise Beach
And finally! What's better than one sexy girl? Well duh, two bombshells... loving each other... in a paradise beach... that's four times over :D Hope you guys like it! After fixing my issue with Sinda, left Blender cooking overnight just to realize that I had messed up the settings and the render was useless. Fixed the problems and increased the cycles at 150% to get a way much better render but still looked pale and dark, so increased the contranst and the brightness in photoshop and here you go!

Credits to Dabnis-Sinbad for both models.
You may favorite and download here:
And credits to Deexie for the Scene…
But the beach background is actually custom by me :P

FYI I used an old version of the Sinda that is no longer available in his profile. If you have issues with the newer version, you may ask google for help, I myself could not get it going but I will not re-distribute the old model


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